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Heather Eklof

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Heather joined the team in 2021 after acting as the Executor for her father’s estate. She found serving as executor to be challenging and rewarding, and realized that she had an interest in assisting others navigate through the complexity of the estate administration process and estate law in general.

Although a New York native, Heather has spent most of her life in South County. After graduating from URI, she served four years as a linguist in the U.S. Army. An avid, lifelong explorer, Heather then spent a year overseas teaching English. Upon returning, she completed her master’s in hospitality administration from Johnson & Wales University.

Heather and her husband have two wonderful girls and a little dog named Alex.

When not working at Sullivan Estate Law, Heather enjoys working at her family’s restaurant, hiking, skiing, traveling, and volunteering at RICAN Food Pantry and Chariho Rotary.