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Olga Lavelina

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Olga grew up in Russia where she received two master's degrees in social work and economics.

After graduating from college, Olga devoted more than 10 years of her career to one of the largest companies in Moscow where she held the positions of Director of the Sales Department and Director of the Marketing Department.

Over the years, Olga has gained experience in building business processes and effectively leading a team. While living in Russia, Olga traveled both for work and with her family. One day, life brought her to America, and from that day a new chapter of her life began.

In March 2021, Olga joined the Sullivan Estate Law team as a legal assistant. This began a new path in mastering new knowledge. Experience and knowledge from the past allowed her to quickly master a new profession and bring new knowledge to the company.

Olga is raising her daughter who enjoys playing the violin, tennis and running. She goes to school in North Kingstown and has many wonderful friends.

Olga is very passionate about a healthy lifestyle. She loves yoga and pilates, spending time by the ocean and enjoying the nature of Rhode Island.